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about the portfolio

The work displayed in the portfolio section is only a small part of my body of work.

If you are looking for something in particular i am very happy to send you a selection of images customized to your needs.

international clients

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winner of the swiss photo award 2017 in the category advertising

gold award at the swiss poster awards by apg / sga 2016 in the category ad campaigns

bronze award at art directors club awards 2016 in the category photography

about me

i was born in Switzerland in 1972, where i grew up quadrilingual.

with my fluent english, french, italian and german, and having lived full time in paris for 10 years and in new york for 5,  gave me the opportunity to work with clients all over the world and to develop an international visual language.


with 20 years of experience in the job i acquired a wide knowledge in all photographic disciplines and i feel at ease with any simple or challenging assignment.

i like teamwork and i am always curios and ready for the challenge of a new idea and for trying to push it a step further.

today i am based between paris, new york and zurich

storytelling with light

i am very passionate about cinematography and lighting.


the moods i create with light inmy visuals are essential to the stories i want to tell.

i strongly believe that a photographic image can only become iconic and lasting in time when the story and the precise moment are underlined by an exceptional lighting.

in my work i want to create evocative images with a cinematic quality that generate strong emotions in the viewer and help my clients to success in their own business.