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My interests are spread through a wide spectrum of topics

like philosophy, science, news etc.


Sometimes I see interconnections between the topics

or I am just curious and inspired by it

In this blog I share some of the things that inspire me


the second season premeried on hbo tonight. And there is only one thing I can say about it: DAMN!

the camera, the lighting, the performances - just everything - it’s gorgeous!

you simply have to see it!

Euphoria! Inspiration of Diego Alborghetti

„pursuit of wonder„ is one of my favorite content producer. this is one of his many youtube videos, and once again it is

“pursuit of wonder“ is one of my favorite educational video content producers. they master the art of storytelling and use it‚s power to incept meaningfull ideas and concepts that make me think and very often help to change my behaviour for the better. the underlying messages range from the philosophical to society, to human psychology and are always relevant and meaninfull.

this video is about the „digital psychosis„ we all encounter more or less these days.



tv show / hbo / 2018 / feat. amy adams


amy adams is absolutely ravishing in here role as a reporter in this hbo mini series. the cast is fantastic. the photography is majestic. and the soundtrack terrific. a great cinematic experience - a must see!

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